Jim Rugg & Jasen Lex Collaboration

Jim Rugg & Jasen Lex Collaboration


JIM RUGG and JASEN LEX collaborated, for the 2014 Half Share, to create a die cut cover comic book with sampled silhouettes from the history of the medium.  Each comic comes with a unique silhouette drawing by Jim Rugg.

Come see this piece in person at CDCP’s new concept store Small Mall.

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Jim Rugg’s comics, drawings and designs critique and celebrate the popular consumer culture he grew up with -- comic books, wrestling, advertising, and VHS movies. His work includes Street Angel, Afrodisiac, Rambo3.5, Notebook Drawings, and the podcast, Tell Me Something I Don't Know (with Jasen Lex).


Jasen Lex is a designer and illustrator who makes comic books. Influenced by the cartoons, comics, and video games of the late 1970s and 1980s, his illustration style is a synthesis of these media, combining the dense backgrounds and fluid lines of traditional cell animation, with the side-scrolling structure of video games and the syncopated rhythm of panel-to-panel storytelling. He also co-hosts the podcast (with Jim Rugg), Tell Me Something I Don't Know on BoingBoing.net.