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CSA PGH Playing Cards

CSA PGH Playing Cards featuring every CSA PGH artist from past to present!

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Only 20 shares are available for the 2019 season.

Each full share includes six exclusive, editioned artworks. One from each of our chosen artists listed below. Half shares are available this year, including just three works.

After your purchase, the work will be available for pick up on or after August 24th at CDCP Project Space (317 S Trenton Ave).

Full share includes:

Alexandra Lakin

Lakin was born in Western New York State, and has lived in New Mexico, Brooklyn NY, Iowa, and most recently Los Angeles before arriving in Pittsburgh in 2015. Lakin has a BFA and MFA from Alfred University NYSCC, School of Art and Design and has been making art for more than 20 years in various mediums, including video, printmaking, sculpture, installation and most recently ceramics, with painting and drawing at the core of her practice.

atiya jones

jones is an autodidact creator of abstract organic accumulations. Her work serves as a reflection of human migration, and more specifically the modern diaspora known as gentrification. Her work is about human connection. It is a visual depiction of healing, finding one’s tribe and building a life as unit. It is about the magic permeating beneath the surface self, and the search to find it.

Darrin Milliner

Milliner is inspired by his surroundings. He is moved by people and social interactions, skateboarding, film, nature, and architecture. He uses a combination of computer aided design, collage, and illustration to create his work. He focuses on colors and shapes, boldness and minimalism.

Jamie Earnest

Earnest is from Alabama and holds a BFA in Painting from Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Art. Earnest is a recipient of the Ellen Battell Stoeckel Fellowship and through this fellowship attended the Yale Norfolk Summer School of Art during summer 2015. Earnest has been in multiple group shows in Pittsburgh, New York, Boston, Alabama and Suzhou, China. Earnest's work was recently featured at The Andy Warhol Museum, Cindy Lisica Gallery. The Union Hall, and Equity Gallery in New York City.

Matthew Van Asselt

Van Asselt a designer and illustrator. Since moving to Pittsburgh in the late summer of 2016, he immediately focused his artistic pursuits on diagramming, illustrating, and recording the residential architecture of this town. This focus has taken the form of pen and ink illustrations and screenprints. He does much of his work out of Pullproof Studio, the screenprint workshop and gallery he created alongside Christina Lee, Anna Shepperson, and Aaron Regal

Soren Lundi

Lundi is a Pittsburgh based artist working in a variety of media and genres, from painting to writing to music to intricate handcrafts. His interest in beading stems from a desire to be entirely encrusted in semi-precious gems, like a Moreau Salome or the tortoise from Against Nature.


Choose between buying the full share or half share. (Share is only available after all payments are completed.)

Half share A includes: Alexandra Lakin, atiya jones, and Darrin Milliner

Half share B includes: Jamie Earnest, Matthew Van Asselt, and Soren Lundi

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