In our initial season, 6 artists were chosen to create editioned works for shareholders. The 2013 CSA PGH team of Casey Droege, Corey Escoto, Kilolo Luckett, and Blaine Siegel were aided by a group of jurors, including Christiane Leach, Artist Relations Coordinator for GPAC, Juliana Morris, Former fxecutive Director of Associated Artists of Pittsburgh, and Kathleen Mulcahy, artist and co-founder of Pittsburgh Glass Center. 

David Bernabo

DAVID BERNABO’s lathe cut record contained a piece for spoken and sung text, percussion, and electronics. Records were housed in a laser-cut sleeve. Created for the 2013 CSA.

Alexi Morrissey

ALEXI MORRISSEY's ceramic dairy bottles explore the idea of a past where individuals sold into slavery were found on milk bottles in Africa. This is the first edition in a series for Morrissey, which can now be found at the Warhol Museum Store.

Ed Panar

ED PANAR’s ongoing series of photographs in and around Pittsburgh were turned into a set of 5 unique postcards for each shareholder. A private website hosting all images used for the CSA is accessible to 2013 shareholders.

Kim Beck

KIM BECK’S digital pigment print features an image from an out-of-print book on lawns and gardens found during her time at the Reanimation Library in Brooklyn. Work created for the 2013 CSA

Lenka Clayton

LENKA CLAYTON deconstructed a shirt owned by Andy Warhol. The 57 pieces  were packaged and archived for each 2013 CSA shareholder. Every person received a small box including a portion of the shirt, a certificate of authenticity and a small needle and thread if the group desired to sew the shirt back together.  

Will Kofmehl

WILL KOFMEHL III worked with a Nicaraguan foundry to select a local pig to be slaughtered and eaten. The jawbone was then saved and an aluminum casting was created for his CSA 2013 PGH edition.