The 2015 CSA PGH season was organized by Casey Droege and Corey Escoto. 2015 Shares included editioned work from five visual artists and three non-visual artists collaborating with the CSA PGH team. 

Jakob Marsico

JAKE MARSICO created a cast hydrocal lamp with mortar pigment in hues of white and grey. The minimal form was designed and rendered in CAD software and made physical through a series of laser-cut cardboard models. The final mold was fabricated from pine and acrylic using a laser-cut pattern. This piece uses CFL or LED low wattage bulbs and is great on a table or on the floor.

Jeremy Boyle

For his edition, JEREMY BOYLE created a white noise generator. Carefully housed in a small oak shell, the circuit plugs directly into an outlet to start generating sound. The volume control can adjust the noise level.

Joshua Reiman and Addy Smith Reiman

JOSHUA REIMAN and ADDY SMITH REIMAN designed an invasive plant kit modeled on traditional plant kits for home gardening. The kit includes a hand-forged trowel with wooden handle, 5 seeds for invasive species, and a small booklet with information on the history of each species and their impact on the environment. Each shareholder has the power to open and plant the seeds, or can preserve thepiece and their native landscape by keeping the box closed!

Come see this piece in person at CDCP’s new concept store Small Mall.

Lizzee Solomon

Combining her beautifully grotesque imagery with wood, acrylic, and a new sculptural form, LIZZEE SOLOMON created an edition of intricate lasercut puzzles. Bright blobs, textured fish, a surreal brain character make up a complicated puzzle that can engage you for hours.

Mark Thompson Collaboration

CSA PGH collaborated with actor and movement specialist MARK C. THOMPSON. We decided to create a simple mime kit to be activated by Mark in two performances during the pop-up shop. The object itself is a vacuum-formed packaging designed by CSA and Thompson for a fictional company, Mime Stuff, Inc. It holds an invisible, old-fashioned can opener with disclaimers like “The first mime can opener and the last mime can opener that you’ll ever need.” and “Mime stuff products should not be ingested as they may become lodged in the esophagus and cause imaginary choking and in some extreme cases even death.”

Reiko Yamamoto

Inspired by Japanese traditions of aesthetic and play, REIKO YAMAMOTO created 20 different sets of hand-thrown ceramic objects. Each set of three is housed in a long wooden box, which can be used to display the pieces in various ways. A beautifully printed insert shows the shareholder variations of vertical and horizontal stacking for every set. A small ball of museum wax is also included to help stabilize your display.

Tammy Jackson Collaboration

TAMMY JACKSON worked with CSA PGH on a collaborative edition for the share. To highlight her recently launched denim line with Saani Mac, she created several variations on a reversible denim tote. Using her signature surface design work, shareholders could choose from splatter-patterned denim, simple stripes, or herringbone.

Yona Harvey Collaboration

CSA PGH invited poet Yona to collaborate on an editioned beach towel for the share. After writing several pieces, we chose a set of three “Seaside Tinctures” for the edition. One is highlighted on the towel, and the full set can be seen on the packaging.  Each towel is dip-dyed and printed with the poem, reading “The Sea, mi amor. The sea.”