2014 CSA

In 2014, shareholders were offered the options of a half share, with 3 works of art, or a full share with 6 works. Jurors for 2014 were Kim Beck, 2013 CSA PGH artist, Amanda Donnan, former Assistant Curator of Contemporary Art at CMOA, and Janera Solomon, Executive Director of the Kelly Strayhorn Theater.

Alexis Gideon

ALEXIS GIDEON’s small screenprint shows a link to a fantastical stop motion animated video, accompanied by a sound track performed by the artist. Created for the CSA 2014 full share.

Alisha Wormsley

ALISHA WORMSLEY created a series of afrofuturist creations and sculptures in the form of found object talismans for the 2014 Half Share.


Barbara Weissberger

BARBARA WEISSBERGER made an editioned photographic print of a collage formation created from everyday materials. Created for the CSA 2014 full share.

Come see this piece in person at CDCP’s new concept store Small Mall.

Cara Erskine

CARA ERSKINE’s silkscreen print uses text to explore the role of queer and transgender women in the history of sports. These were created for the CSA 2014 full share using the names as they appear in search engines, the text shows our culture's perception of these athletes.


David Montano

DAVID MONTANO created a series of paintings on discarded book covers, inspired by sign painting and the lyrics of Leonard Cohen for the 2014 Half Share. Each painting in the edition is different.

 Come see this piece in person at CDCP’s new concept store Small Mall.

Edith Abeyta

EDITH ABEYTA enlisted the help of the public for her edition for the 2014 full share. She commissioned biographical sentences from the public via Craigslist, Each piece in the edition is a different sentence, as a fabric garland, along with the name of the writer.  

Jennifer Meridian

JENNIFER MERIDIAN, formerly NAGLE MYERS, has created a series of photographic prints detailing the transformation of a sculptural object. Each photograph in the series is unique; a short video documenting the transformation of the piece is available to see here.

Come see this piece in person at CDCP’s new concept store Small Mall.

Jim Rugg & Jasen Lex Collaboration

JIM RUGG and JASEN LEX collaborated, for the 2014 Half Share, to create a die cut cover comic book with sampled silhouettes from the history of the medium.  Each comic comes with a unique silhouette drawing by Jim Rugg.

Come see this piece in person at CDCP’s new concept store Small Mall.

Lucia Nhamo

LUCIA NHAMO‘s chocolate pieces represent the 50 richest countries in Africa and the legacy of colonialism. Each package, inspired by commercial chocolatiers, includes a different country. Pieces are not edible and were created for the 2014 CSA.