Will Kofmehl

Will Kofmehl


WILL KOFMEHL III worked with a Nicaraguan foundry to select a local pig to be slaughtered and eaten. The jawbone was then saved and an aluminum casting was created for his CSA 2013 PGH edition.

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Kofmehl, a Pittsburgh native and sculptor and graduate of Carnegie Mellon University (BFA) and Yale University (MFA), is currently represented by Lombard-Freid Projects in New York City. He has performed internationally, conducting solo performances and installations at the Kunsthalle Winterthur, Winterthur Switzerland, Art Nova Sector of Art Basel Miami, Imperial College, London, Temple of Apollo, Greece, Cloud Forest Reserve in Monteverde, Costa Rica, and FIAC in Paris, France. His complex installations built of wood, steel, bronze and hand-embroidery act as a staging ground for multiple performers where, routinely, Kofmehl himself lives and dwells within the installation for the entire length of the exhibit.