Reiko Yamamoto

Reiko Yamamoto


Inspired by Japanese traditions of aesthetic and play, REIKO YAMAMOTO created 20 different sets of hand-thrown ceramic objects. Each set of three is housed in a long wooden box, which can be used to display the pieces in various ways. A beautifully printed insert shows the shareholder variations of vertical and horizontal stacking for every set. A small ball of museum wax is also included to help stabilize your display.

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Reiko Yamamotomakes modern ceramic tableware that is simple and organic. Each and every piece is designed, shaped and fired in her home studio. She is drawn to the intimacy of clay as a material and the process,  which gives her the opportunity to slow down. She loves that the objects get handled daily, and meals and conversations are shared in their presence. She is dedicated to creating quality work that celebrates the handmade and continues the long tradition of this craft. 

Reiko lives with her husband and two sons in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.