Jennifer Meridian

Jennifer Meridian


JENNIFER MERIDIAN, formerly NAGLE MYERS, has created a series of photographic prints detailing the transformation of a sculptural object. Each photograph in the series is unique; a short video documenting the transformation of the piece is available to see here.

Come see this piece in person at CDCP’s new concept store Small Mall.

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Myers is a visual artist and teacher whose practice is rooted in the fundamental principle that art transforms and saves people's lives, including her own. She describes herself as a "storyteller who follows flux and finds form." Her work moves between two distinct trajectories: as a studio artist and as a director of private and public performances. In the studio, she makes small sculptures, prints, drawings and photographs as a way to connect and remember; and as a director she uses performance to tell stories and bring people into them as characters and witnesses. She received her BA from Hampshire College and her MFA from the University of Iowa and has shown her work in numerous galleries and museums across the US.