Available CSA PGH Artworks

Remaining artworks from past CSA PGH Share collections, starting from 2017 and back.

CSA PGH Playing Cards

CSA PGH Playing Cards featuring every CSA PGH artist from past to present!

Imin Yeh

IMIN YEH’s local, handmade, and super fresh paper mushrooms are a celebration of one of Pennsylvania's largest agricultural crops. Download your own paper mushrooms from Imin’s website to create more.

Mark Franchino with Jeremy Boyle

MARK FRANCHINO and JEREMY BOYLE collaborated on this nightlight built into a single outlet box, made from a variety of Western PA hardwoods. Knob adjusts brightness.

Seth LeDonne

SETH LEDONNE created a book package utilizing multidisciplinary art and design elements, including:

32 page perfect bound book

Deluxe 1-color screen print 8.5” x 11"

Glossy photograph 8.5” x 11”

Metallic print

Hand made pin-on button

John Peña

JOHN PEÑA created these two word balloons to be in conversation with one another. Their placement in space reflects the quality of their relating at any given moment.

Tammy Jackson Collaboration

TAMMY JACKSON worked with CSA PGH on a collaborative edition for the share. To highlight her recently launched denim line with Saani Mac, she created several variations on a reversible denim tote. Using her signature surface design work, shareholders could choose from splatter-patterned denim, simple stripes, or herringbone.

Sarika Goulatia

SARIKA GOULATIA’s print is part of a series exploring sexual assault, which has also manifested in installation work. Included on the print is a QR code, where you can scan and learn more about the project.

Jeremy Boyle

For his edition, JEREMY BOYLE created a white noise generator. Carefully housed in a small oak shell, the circuit plugs directly into an outlet to start generating sound. The volume control can adjust the noise level.

Edith Abeyta

EDITH ABEYTA enlisted the help of the public for her edition for the 2014 full share. She commissioned biographical sentences from the public via Craigslist, Each piece in the edition is a different sentence, as a fabric garland, along with the name of the writer.  

Joshua Reiman and Addy Smith Reiman

JOSHUA REIMAN and ADDY SMITH REIMAN designed an invasive plant kit modeled on traditional plant kits for home gardening. The kit includes a hand-forged trowel with wooden handle, 5 seeds for invasive species, and a small booklet with information on the history of each species and their impact on the environment. Each shareholder has the power to open and plant the seeds, or can preserve thepiece and their native landscape by keeping the box closed!

Come see this piece in person at CDCP’s new concept store Small Mall.

Jennifer Meridian

JENNIFER MERIDIAN, formerly NAGLE MYERS, has created a series of photographic prints detailing the transformation of a sculptural object. Each photograph in the series is unique; a short video documenting the transformation of the piece is available to see here.

Come see this piece in person at CDCP’s new concept store Small Mall.

David Montano

DAVID MONTANO created a series of paintings on discarded book covers, inspired by sign painting and the lyrics of Leonard Cohen for the 2014 Half Share. Each painting in the edition is different.

 Come see this piece in person at CDCP’s new concept store Small Mall.

Lucia Nhamo

LUCIA NHAMO‘s chocolate pieces represent the 50 richest countries in Africa and the legacy of colonialism. Each package, inspired by commercial chocolatiers, includes a different country. Pieces are not edible and were created for the 2014 CSA.