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CSA PGH artists at Small Mall

CDCP's new concept store, Small Mall, is now open in Upper Lawrenceville! We're showcasing art and design objects from some of the region's most talented makers, including many past CSA PGH artists. We have a wide array of pieces available, from prints and paintings to ceramics and jewelry.

Stop by and check out the latest venture in CDCP's programming, and while you're at it take a look at the CSA artists that are showing work at Small Mall:

Kevin Clancy, CSA PGH '17
Sarika Goulatia, CSA PGH '17
Seth Ledonne, CSA PGH '17
John Peña, CSA PGH '17
Lizzee Solomon, CSA PGH '15
Reiko Yamamoto, CSA PGH '15
Jennifer Meridian, CSA PGH '14
David Montano, CSA PGH '14
Barbara Weissberger, CSA PGH '14
David Bernabo, CSA PGH '13

CSA PGH featured on ARTSY

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CSA PGH was featured on ARTSY's 9 Communal Art Programs that Pay Artists to Create Experimental Work. We are thrilled to be included on this list along other CSA programs in the US that are pursuing art efforts supported by local communities. Check out the article and some of the programs around the country. 

CSA PGH Artists Spotlight: Jennifer Meridian, Barbara Weissberger, and Alisha Wormsley

CDCP would like to congratulate CSA PGH 2014 artists Jennifer Meridian, Barbara Weissberger, and Alicia Wormsley for their successful exhibitions and projects!

Jennifer Meridian

Jennifer Meridian has been hard at work on her The Other Border Wall collaborative project. Phase 2 of the project just launched this past January and received funding by the Opportunity Fund through Pittsburgh Filmmakers. We would like to congratulate Meridian for receiving this grant, and are very excited to see how this project continues. 


For the 2014 CSA PGH series, Jennifer Meridian created a series of photographic prints detailing the transformation of a sculptural object. Each photograph in the series is unique; a short video documenting the transformation of the piece is available to see here. The series is still available for purchase at the CSA PGH website. Meridian is a visual artist and teacher whose practice is rooted in the fundamental principle that art transforms and saves people's lives, including her own. She describes herself as a "storyteller who follows flux and finds form." Her work moves between two distinct trajectories: as a studio artist and as a director of private and public performances.

Barbara Weissberger

Barbara Weissberger pop-up window installation, My Own Cozy Homemade Void, is currently on view at, 215 North Ave, Millvale, PA, 15209 until March 1st and possibly longer.


For the 2014 CSA Series, Barbara Weissberger made an editioned photographic print of a collage formation created from everyday materials. The print is still available for sale online at our website. Weissberger's images grow out of improvisation and the pleasure of working with materials. Play is central to her process. The writer Sherrie Flick described the idiosyncratic mix of elements in her work as "stacked and wrapped - harmoniously, improbably, united in their disparity."

Alisha Wormsley

Alisha Wormsley recently had the premiere of her film The People Are the Light at the Carnegie Museum of Art in December, 2017. In addition to the film, Wormsley exhibited a corresponding photographic series, which exhibited earlier in September-October 2017 at CMOA.


For the 2014 CSA Series, Alisha Wormsley created a series of afrofuturist creations and sculptures in the form of found object talismans for the 2014 Half Share. Wormsley stays involved in the process at all times. If she is not in her studio working on her own projects, she is traveling, teaching, or working on some other aspect of the art making process, extending the art-making community. Presently, she is in between Pittsburgh and Brooklyn, writing grants, teaching and working on several personal projects including a children's book on the environmental crisis and music.

CSA PGH Artist Spotilight: Lenka Clayton and David Bernabo

David Bernabo

We are very excited about CSA PGH 2013 artist David Bernabo's many upcoming events throughout Pittsburgh. Click here to see all the many places Bernabo will be showcasing his work in music and film.


David Bernabo is a filmmaker, musician, dancer, visual artist, and writer. For the 2013 CSA Series, Bernabo created a lathe cut record, which contained a piece of spoken word and sung text, percussion, and electronics. He curates and produces work for the Ongoing Box imprint and co-curates the Lightlab Performance Series with slowdanger.

Lenka Clayton

Lenka Clayton's piece Qaeda, quality, question, quickly, quickly, quiet was a part of our current exhibit Mingle/Mangle, which is closing this weekend. Come join us for our Closing Event this Saturday February 24 at 1pm and get a chance to see and hear Clayton's piece. Our gallery will also be open Friday, February 23 from noon-7pm if you would like to check it out then.


Lenka Clayton is an artist and founder of An Artist Residency in Motherhood. Her interdisciplinary work considers, exaggerates, and alters the accepted rules of everyday life, extending the familiar into the realms of the poetic and absurd. For the 2013 CSA Series, Clayton deconstructed a shirt owned by Andy Warhol. The 57 pieces were packaged and archived for each 2013 CSA shareholder. Every person received a small box including a portion of the shirt, a certificate of authenticity and a small needle and thread if the group desired to sew the shirt back together.  

CSA PGH Artist Spotlight: Sarika Goulatia

Congratulations to Sarika Goulatia for receiving the 2017 Carol R. Brown Creative Achievement Award! Administered by the Heinz Endowments and the Pittsburgh Foundation, the Carol R. Brown Award is presented to one emerging and established artist each year.

Sarika’s artworks may be familiar to Pittsburgh art appreciators - we’re pleased to share a few  opportunities to see (and own!) her works.

Sarika Goulatia , at CDCP Gallery. ( Photograph from  Sean Carroll .)

Sarika Goulatia, at CDCP Gallery. (Photograph from Sean Carroll.)

For the 2017 CSA PGH share, Sarika created a letterpress print edition “it is only because we live inside of the eyes of others”, an extension of her project, prosecuterix. In this project, Sarika collects individuals’ stories of sexual abuse, assault, and harassment and represents the stories physically though works on paper, stored in manipulated shoeboxes, digitally preserved online, and stacks boxes to create an immersive installation. This project was presented in the group show, DIGS - Sexism in the Arts at AIR (Arist Image Resource) in May of 2017, and the latest iteration of the project opens at Carlow University Art Gallery on November 16th.

it is only because we live inside the eyes of others  by Sarika Goulatia (Photograph by Rafael Abreu-Canedo.)

it is only because we live inside the eyes of others by Sarika Goulatia (Photograph by Rafael Abreu-Canedo.)

Sarika’s CSA PGH work depicts a shoebox accompanied by text which is printed on the soft rag paper without ink, creating a subtlety as if the quote should be read in a whisper. Included with the 11” x 17” print is a QR code, which provides an opportunity for the owner to learn more about the project. The 2017 CSA PGH share is available now - only a few shares remain!

Sarika Goulatia's installation on view at CDCP gallery through December 2nd.  Photograph from  Sean Carroll .

Sarika Goulatia's installation on view at CDCP gallery through December 2nd. Photograph from Sean Carroll.

Lastly, Sarika’s artworks are currently on view at the CDCP gallery show, may you live in interesting times, through December 2nd. Sarika presents a sprawling wall-based installation of photographic prints, meticulously-crafted drawings and manipulations of paper, and de-embossed texts, echoing the quotes of the CSA PGH art work. Additionally, multiple altered book sculptures are included in the exhibition; pricked, burnt, cut, and clamped in place, these physical manifestations of the imagery in the drawings and photographic works remind us of the varying ways in which trauma and violence are carried by individuals and throughout societies.

The CDCP gallery is open on Fridays from 12pm to 7pm and Saturdays from 12pm to 5pm. (Please note that the gallery will be closed the weekend of Thanksgiving, November 24th and 25th.) In addition to the current gallery show, CDCP is showcasing available works for purchase from past CSA PGH shares and the current 2017 share.