Small Mall pop up at Mingle/Mangle


Small Mall Pop-up

featuring past CSA PGH pieces.

We've only got a few 2017 CSA PGH shares left, so we are now breaking them up and selling the individual artworks at $150 each. There's still time to buy a full share, but not for long! Click the link below to buy.

The work is currently on view in our pop up Small Mall at the back of the gallery and features CSA PGH artworks from previous years alongside small works from the artists who are exhibiting in Mingle/Mangle, our new exhibit. You can also purchase it on our website.

Mingle/Mangle features artists "who assemble the parts to make a whole that is 'greater than the sum of its parts'” and was co-curated by Vicky A. Clark and Casey Droege. Come check out 2013 CSA PGH artists Lenka Clayton's piece Qaeda, quality, question, quickly, quickly, quiet as well as pieces by Caldwell Linker, Darnell Chambers, Jovencio de la Paz, Larry Cressman, and Rachel Schmidhofer

Thanks to Sean Carroll for the wonderful photos of the exhibit.


Past CSA PGH artist Lenka Clayton is also in the exhibit.