CSA PGH Artist Spotlight: Sarika Goulatia

Congratulations to Sarika Goulatia for receiving the 2017 Carol R. Brown Creative Achievement Award! Administered by the Heinz Endowments and the Pittsburgh Foundation, the Carol R. Brown Award is presented to one emerging and established artist each year.

Sarika’s artworks may be familiar to Pittsburgh art appreciators - we’re pleased to share a few  opportunities to see (and own!) her works.

Sarika Goulatia , at CDCP Gallery. ( Photograph from  Sean Carroll .)

Sarika Goulatia, at CDCP Gallery. (Photograph from Sean Carroll.)

For the 2017 CSA PGH share, Sarika created a letterpress print edition “it is only because we live inside of the eyes of others”, an extension of her project, prosecuterix. In this project, Sarika collects individuals’ stories of sexual abuse, assault, and harassment and represents the stories physically though works on paper, stored in manipulated shoeboxes, digitally preserved online, and stacks boxes to create an immersive installation. This project was presented in the group show, DIGS - Sexism in the Arts at AIR (Arist Image Resource) in May of 2017, and the latest iteration of the project opens at Carlow University Art Gallery on November 16th.

it is only because we live inside the eyes of others  by Sarika Goulatia (Photograph by Rafael Abreu-Canedo.)

it is only because we live inside the eyes of others by Sarika Goulatia (Photograph by Rafael Abreu-Canedo.)

Sarika’s CSA PGH work depicts a shoebox accompanied by text which is printed on the soft rag paper without ink, creating a subtlety as if the quote should be read in a whisper. Included with the 11” x 17” print is a QR code, which provides an opportunity for the owner to learn more about the project. The 2017 CSA PGH share is available now - only a few shares remain!

Sarika Goulatia's installation on view at CDCP gallery through December 2nd.  Photograph from  Sean Carroll .

Sarika Goulatia's installation on view at CDCP gallery through December 2nd. Photograph from Sean Carroll.

Lastly, Sarika’s artworks are currently on view at the CDCP gallery show, may you live in interesting times, through December 2nd. Sarika presents a sprawling wall-based installation of photographic prints, meticulously-crafted drawings and manipulations of paper, and de-embossed texts, echoing the quotes of the CSA PGH art work. Additionally, multiple altered book sculptures are included in the exhibition; pricked, burnt, cut, and clamped in place, these physical manifestations of the imagery in the drawings and photographic works remind us of the varying ways in which trauma and violence are carried by individuals and throughout societies.

The CDCP gallery is open on Fridays from 12pm to 7pm and Saturdays from 12pm to 5pm. (Please note that the gallery will be closed the weekend of Thanksgiving, November 24th and 25th.) In addition to the current gallery show, CDCP is showcasing available works for purchase from past CSA PGH shares and the current 2017 share.