CSA PGH 2019 Application

CSA PGH Application and Prototype are due EOD Monday, June 17th, 2019


What is CSA PGH?

Community Supported Art Pittsburgh (CSA PGH) is a program that builds lasting relationships with artists and cultural consumers. Not unlike the boxes of fruit and vegetables that one might get from a local farm as an agricultural CSA, the CSA PGH creates “shares” of art to feed the public’s cultural appetite.

In 2019, six artists will be commissioned to produce one edition-able work in a quantity of 20. Artists receive a $600 stipend to cover the cost of materials, production and labor. Examples of creations might include photographs, small paintings or cast sculpture. These artworks will be collated, and packaged into individual shares. Each share will include one work from each of the artists, and 20 identical shares will be sold to the public.

This simple program brings numerous benefits to the city of Pittsburgh and the local arts community. Artists receive support for the creation of new work, as well as exposure and distribution. CSA members receive multiple works from local artists. This will aid in expanding or beginning a new art collection, thus becoming an integral part of the growing Pittsburgh Arts Community. All of this promotes the idea that Pittsburgh is a city that supports and sustains its artists.

We are not alone. CSA PGH is modeled on a Community Supported Art project created by Springboard for the Arts and mnartists.org in Minneapolis, MN. CSA PGH is part of a larger national artist-driven trend to actively build the arts communities that they deserve and desire.

Why a CSA?

CSA PGH is an artist driven outreach model designed to connect with an audience through the production of quality, affordable local art. While Pittsburgh has a vibrant array of museum and non-profit opportunities, many would-be supporters don’t fully realize the depth and the quality of artists that make Pittsburgh their home. Share-buyers not only take an active role in supporting the vibrant and growing arts community economically but also get to know the local artists who created the works that comprise their CSA PGH share. CSA PGH strengthens the ties between all of the arts community stakeholders.


The 2019 CSA PGH shares will be released August 10th at the new CDCP Project Space in Wilkinsburg. Shareholders can pick up their 2019 CSA packages and peruse through the Small Mall Pop-up!

Timeline (adjusted)

  • June 17th: Application and prototypes are due

  • June 24th: Six artists selected to participate in CSA PGH 2019

  • August 12th: Drop off final work between 1-6pm (Edition of 20) at CDCP Project Space in Wilkinsburg (317 S. Trenton)

  • August 24th: CSA launch at CDCP Project Space from 6-8pm

  • October 24th: CSA artists present at SIX x ATE: East at Beauty Shoppe’s The Gym Space from 5-9pm



To apply for consideration in the CSA PGH program please submit the following materials via the form below by EOD on Friday, June 17th, 2019.

Please submit the following materials:

  • Contact information

  • Link to your website or photo sharing site

  • A brief artist’s statement and proposal for the work you would create for the project. Tell us why your idea is a good fit for the Community Supported Art program?

  • Please email Nicole Czapinski, nicole@caseydroege.com with any questions.

Application details:

CSA PGH is inviting artists to create prototypes for the 2019 season. Participants will receive a $50 stipend upon submitting their prototype and will be considered for inclusion in the season. Prototypes should be an exact example of what they would create for a CSA PH edition (no changes, unless directed by the CSA team). If chosen, the editioned work will be made exclusively for CSA PGH- the work cannot be reproduced and sold outside of the edition and artists cannot submit existing work. While we have no media restrictions, we suggest that you consider the budget and idea of the community supported art in your proposal. We strive to create a share that has very diverse works included. Past shares have presented  2D, 3D, and 4D work that was formal, conceptual, and utilitarian. (check out past work examples here)

Six selected artists will be asked to create work in an edition of 20 pieces and will be given a budget of $600. This stipend should cover your materials and time. CSA PGH does not want to undervalue your work, so please propose something with this budget in mind.

Prototypes must be dropped off at CDCP Project Space (317 S. Trenton Wilkinsburg PA 15221) and the online application/proposal complete by Monday, June 17th. Selected artists will be notified by Monday, June 24th. The Editions must be complete and handed off on August 12th, 2019.

Chosen artists will receive half of the full stipend ($300) upon acceptance of contract. The second half of the stipend ($300) will be paid on completion of work, full stipend totaling $600. CSA PGH staff will conduct at least one studio visit during production time and discuss final packaging for distribution. Participants will also have the opportunity to sell other wares at Small Mall with the release of the 2019 Shares.



Applicants must be a resident of the greater Pittsburgh area.



Submission Form

Name *
Phone *
Income Level
Tell us about your work, your idea and why it would be a good fit for CSA PGH.
Final participants receive $600 for production and their fee. Please list out how you would use that money- be specific.
Completion and Delivery *
The Artist will check in with the CSA during the creation process by sending any questions through email. The Artist agrees to drop off the completed prototype at the new CDCP Project Space on Monday, June 17th. The Artist understands that they are creating a prototype and will be compensated $50. If their prototype is chosen they agree to create an edition of 20 by July 29th, 2019.
Insurance *
CSA will not be insuring the work, but will handle the work with extreme care so as not to damage or alter the work.
Rights to Reproduce and Image Use Rights *
The Artist agrees to allow CSA to document and reproduce images of the work for the exclusive purpose of promoting the CSA Program and Casey Droege Cultural Productions. The Artist may reproduce images of the work for their own promotional purposes, but will not make public until after the 2019 CSA share is released on August, 10th.
Ownership *
The Artist is in agreement that CSA will own the work after it is dropped off. If the work is selected for the final edition of the CSA program, the Artist agrees to not reproduce the work outside of this edition. If the work is not selected for the final edition, the Artist may reproduce the work, but the CSA maintains ownership of the work that is in its possession.